Auditory Verbal Parents

About Us

We are mothers who both have two children who were born deaf.  In 2001, we met through the Cicircle listserv for parents of children with cochlear implants.  Over time, we found that our beliefs about the best way to raise our deaf children, through early cochlear implantation and the Auditory-Verbal Approach, were totally in sync.  Over the years, we have both advocated for this approach, including on the blogosphere, where we often find misinformation and negative propaganda relating to cochlear implants and Auditory-Verbal therapy.  Thus, we’ve decided to start our own blog to set the record straight and to let other parents of young deaf children know what is possible with early cochlear implantation and Auditory-Verbal therapy.


Melissa’s Story:

The Beginning

Trying to Find Our Way

Cochlear Implant

The Rest of the Story…Almost


The Mountain


Amy’s Story

Another Beginning

“Yep, Nothing”

Catching Up – Quickly!